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09/21/19 12:50 PM #2325    


Sandy Spears (Koslosky-Siddall)

I agree with Joyce - and I was in the choir. But then again you guys always remember more than I do. I only enjoyed Cooley for 6th grade.  My brother, Dusty, would have attended for 2 years, so he might remember. My father attended there and they lived across the street, if I remember his stories correctly. Dusty had a teacher that daddy had! 

See you guys on the 17th. :-)


09/22/19 09:37 PM #2326    


Roger Felton

Oooops!   I can see I should have added a comment that that Cooley song was something I made up even though it fit that "old dungeon" of a school.  Ya'll excuse, just me losing my mind.  I tend to do that soon after a Sept.flood, LOL.

It was sad to hear old Cooley burned down.  Lotsa memories there.

10/15/19 02:30 PM #2327    


Anita Marbury (Marbury)

Hey out there!

I'm hoping to see you on Thursday at the  October get together.

I flew down from Colorado  to see you.

Where are the Houston an area kids?

I am so sorry to miss you on this trip. 




10/17/19 03:32 PM #2328    


Donald Hampton-Jones

Hi Sweeetie, Not making the Ram Jam but am trying to get out to gaathering at Suzi (Jones's) Cant spell hubbies name for the get together there.  Hope to see you there.  Give me a call when you have a chance.  Don

10/18/19 06:23 AM #2329    

Susan (Suzi) Smith (McMillian)

Ah, Don, Suzi Smith McMillian (not Jones, although that would be a compliment, she looks fab). Hope you can make it down to the bayou tomorrow  (again),  The weather looks great.  Anyone else is welcome too,  We love a crowd.  Just message me if anyone else is interested and I will send you details. 

11/04/19 07:13 PM #2330    


Jeanne Spencer (Adams)

Is anyone in the Houston are interested in a unique part time position working for World Pet Travel?  My husband has been working here with them for a few months and loves it.  It is an international company but the owner lives in Rockwall.  If you would like any further information, please let me know.  -Jeanne Adams 

11/08/19 09:25 AM #2331    


Dorothy Fowler (Montgomery)

Jeanne Spencer, I have a friend interested in a part time position, Please send me the information on the Pet Travel Company. My e-mail is

12/01/19 07:45 AM #2332    


Stephen Ray Puckett

Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving.   Here we are that day, surrounded by a couple of dozen relatives and friends.  We are in the mountains of Southwest VA, a few miles south of our house, in a public museum/picnic area maintained by our family.  I'm in the green buffalo plaid jacket, eating a bowl of wonderful pozole, and Lil is to my right in the image in her purple jacket.  It was a might bit cool that day, about 50 F, so we hung up some tarps to block the breezes.  We also had a big campfire on which we roasted oysters and shrimp.  I like the shrimp but never cared much for oysters on the half shell,   Folks brought tons of food so we ate, Visited, ate, etc.  

I was stuffed but contented!

12/21/19 11:23 AM #2333    


Stephen Ray Puckett

Yuletide Blessings!

01/16/20 11:27 AM #2334    


Richard Meek

Good morning all. I want to let you all know that we're holding an Estate Sale at my parent's home tomorrow and Saturday from 9:00 - 5:00. There are treasures to behold that youwill want to take home for For Sure!. You might ask why Paige and I don't take them all home. That would have required buying a new house. Which didn't seem the prudent thing to do. So put it on your calendar to go to 1707 Cheshire Lane. tomorrow (to get the best selection) or Saturday and take some of those treasures to yur house. Heck take them all to your house if you want to!

Looking for ward to seeing everyone tomorrow and at our next get together at Cottonwood.I hope your new year is off to a great start!

01/28/20 09:35 AM #2335    


Jan Barnes (Nimtz)

Jan Barnes Nimtz - Waltrip Class of 1965 has posted on Facebook
With a hole in our hearts today Ed Nimtz & I are sharing the sudden loss of our firstborn son, Brian S. Nimtz, age 52 on Monday, January 20th. Obit and service information can be found on the website of Cypress Fairbanks Funeral Home, 9926 Jones Rd. Houston; also included is a video photo presentation of Brian and our family that I would be pleased for you to view.

01/31/20 09:32 AM #2336    


Ann Robin Trimble (Haney)

Oh Jan, my heart aches for you and Ed and your family. Words are just inadequate. I will pray that our Lord gives you strength to get through the hard days ahead. Wishing I was near so I could hug you...


02/15/20 10:31 PM #2337    


Hilda Carol Smith (Godell)

I didn't really know you in school, but wanted to offer my condolences on the loss of your son. Our oldest boy passed away almost three years ago, at age 42, so I have a sense of this time in your life. I read Brian's obituary in The Chronicle, not realizing who he was. But it seemed he was a unique man and I'm sure he was a treasure in your life. Time does not necessarily heal the loss of a child, but it does allow for reflection and contemplation of the life of someone you love. My wish is that you find joy each day in the memory of your son.

02/16/20 09:07 AM #2338    


Jan Barnes (Nimtz)

Thank you both, Robin & Hilda for your kind words and acknowledgement of the loss of our son.

04/10/20 08:36 AM #2339    


Stephen Ray Puckett


Good morning, everybody!

Prayers and good wishes to all of you.  It is a unsettled time we live in now but there is promise of a better, brighter future ahead as we heal and cherish what we have.

God bless and take care!

04/11/20 07:43 PM #2340    

Lindy Clarke (Hall)

Wow, Stephen... is that idyllic!
I couldn't have imagined a place so beautiful!
Where is it?

During this CV-19 situation...
Most of us are probably doing okay, since we're mostly retired.
Back when I was a teenager, or in my 20's or 30's, I think all this 
self-quarantine, and stay-at-home, would have been a LOT tougher.
I would've been climbing the walls, and sooo worried about how
to pay bills.. 

I'm sure it's extra difficult for those that have loved ones in the
medical field. How they find the strength to face that every day.
It's mind-boggling. 

Anyhow, thanks for sharing that lovely photo.... 


04/11/20 10:14 PM #2341    


Ann Robin Trimble (Haney)

Thank you for your positive and encouraging thoughts Steven. These are, indeed, challenging times, but with the love and support of our friends and our God, we will get through and be stronger on the other end of this. God bless you!


04/12/20 10:27 AM #2342    


Patricia Bissonnet (Bissonnet)

Thank you Steve.  As always you are a bright light and voice of cheer for our class.  

04/13/20 08:20 AM #2343    


Robert (Ben) Carbo

I am heading to College Station this morning to retrieve my Airstream from the RV park there and put it up for sale here in Euless. I purchased it in December '15 and completely restored it so Kay and I would have a place in ce to stay for football games in Aggieland. Since my precious Kay has gone on to be with Jesus in God's Forever Kingdom, I have no use for it now. If anyone is in the market for one let me know. It would make a perfect shelter-in-place or quarantine quarters for a loved one. I hope everyone is taking care and staying safe. All of this shall pass and God will heal our land as He promises in His word.

04/13/20 12:32 PM #2344    

Kirkley Lee Thompson

Safe travels, Ben.

04/13/20 08:26 PM #2345    


Robert (Ben) Carbo

Thanks Captain Kirk I made it back home at 5PM. Driving on I35 was like driving on the Autobahn. No traffic, no DPS. My cruising speed was 85 to 90 on the trip down, much slower pulling the 31 foot Airstream coming back.

04/13/20 08:40 PM #2346    


Robert (Ben) Carbo

I talked to Alan Geiser and Betty McKirahan Geiser today and Betty could use an air hug. She fell and broke her hip while in the hospital while being treated for another illness. She is at home now recovering and is getting around using a Walker. She does not go to the Waltrip website often, but a call or a card I am sure would be appreciated. I don't know if you knew her Joanna, but I know you can relate.

05/09/20 11:12 PM #2347    


Jan Barnes (Nimtz)

Our former classmate, Eileen Caudel Key passed away this morning. May she rest in peace.

05/11/20 07:48 AM #2348    


Dorothy Fowler (Montgomery)

I was very sorry to hear of Eileen Caudel Key's death. I remember her from school and have enjoyed a friendship with her on Facebook. Condolences to her family.

05/11/20 04:20 PM #2349    


Jan Barnes (Nimtz)

Services for EILEEN CAUDEL KEY....

Dear all friends and loved ones, we plan to gather to celebrate the life of Eileen Caudel Key (Waltrip class of '65) on Saturday, May 16th at First Baptist Church of Helotes, TX. Services will begin at 11am. We will do our best to accommodate everyone but will have to respect social distancing guidelines.

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