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06/12/18 07:00 AM #2263    

Susan (Suzi) Smith (McMillian)

Durango is considering the closure of some public spaces. The city of Durango last week approved restrictions that include no smoking in any city park or open space, as well as prohibiting the use of charcoal grills.

Any closure of city open space would have to receive approval from Durango City Council.

Mayor Sweetie Marbury said Monday the closure is a necessary one.

“It’s proactive and it’s prudent to make decisions like this,” Marbury said. “It’s temporary, and so you take temporary measures to ensure a long-term successful strategy.”

Marbury said there are plenty of options for activities around Durango, including Mesa Verde National Park and Aztec Ruins National Monument, as well as rafting and fishing opportunities.

“My daddy told me you have to be tough to live in the West in 1974, and that hasn’t changed,” Marbury said. “Durango is resilient.”

06/13/18 10:30 PM #2264    


Anita (Sweetie) Marbury

Hello from Durango ! I have been working for the City of Durango going to fire meetings, city council meetings, answering emails, phone calls,  and very little time for myself. I'm sorry I have not responded sooner. There are over 1000 fire fighters here. 27,000 acres on fire with 15% containment. The fire moves north and south. I'm afraid tonight may be another worry for me. Winds, extreme drought, and low moisture made for the Perfect Storm.

2,000 homes have been evacuated. I have been on  NPR radio and Denver and Albuquerque TV telling everyone Durango is Open for business. Today I took my grandson to the river to play. Rafting companies are very busy. The train is not running but all the National parks and monuments are open. Great fly fishing in the Animas River.

Smoke yes,  especially in the morning. By 10:30 a.m.  it is not so bad. After lunch blue skies are back. The fire is expected to continue for 4 more weeks. Fatigue is setting in on the evacuated folks and the city and county staff. . The city has closed all open space that surrounds Durango. The National  forests are closed. The county lands are closed. This is a Type 1 fire. That means the federal government is in charge.Great teams here.

Some good news. Rain is coming I hope.. Let's all pray for rain. With rain comes flooding. The city is preparing for floods. As the Mayor during a disaster I am busy. The Governor comes to town on Friday. He is a great guy and loves Durango.  Don't worry. I am safe. My kids are safe. We have a place to go if it comes to that. I thought today was better than yesterday. The fire is moving  rapidly.  There are fires in many states happening at the same time. Each day I get local  updates  as the Mayor. I am very grateful to my Waltrip friends. I am on Facbook and I post only upbeat photos. I do not post smoke and fire because that is bad PR for my town.  I write a Mayors column for the Durango Herald  and Suzie May is my editor.  I write a Mayor's Brief for a local magazine. Mrs. Early thank you ... Bless the fire fighters and all the support teams here. I have no complaints. I'm lucky to live in Durango and serve my town. Thanks Waltrip friends !!

06/13/18 11:23 PM #2265    


Kay Watters (Greene)

First, thanking God for Linda's strong struggles and recovery of her last hospitalization.  

Next "oh my gosh...Anita and Suzy...I live in a protected world, did not realize this crisis.  I will hope for the best, and feel all will be better.  


06/14/18 07:24 AM #2266    


Dorothy Fowler (Montgomery)


Thank God Linda came through her surgery and is on the mend. She is a very strong individual.

Sweetie, I’m so glad they are getting the fires under control and anti Pate having them out in a month. I’m sure you have worked tirelessly for the City of Durango. You make all of us want to visit or live there.

06/14/18 01:31 PM #2267    


Carolyn Johnson (Blake)

Sweetie, I have been following what is happening in Durango, from here in Aurora. So far we have no smoke in the air! Despite the blessing of a little more rain than usual, we are still so dry, parched, and flammable. I am praying for rain for the whole's a tinderbox.


06/15/18 07:02 AM #2268    


Dorothy Fowler (Montgomery)

Carolyn, I didn’t realize you lived in Aurora. I don’t know if you knew Barbara Brault but she lives in Aurora’s. Her last name is now Johnson.

06/19/18 07:34 AM #2269    


Stephen Ray Puckett

Also in that area is Vickie McSwain (Aurora) and Orville Neeley (Englewood).  Orville and his wife Leslie moved there from the Spring area a year or so ago.

06/19/18 05:40 PM #2270    


Linda Webster

I want to Thank all of my friends and former classmates for their prayers and positive thoughts through my latest health issues.It is just wonderful to have so many people rooting for you when you find out there is more surgery in your future. This was just one more tumor which I am prone to having that  had to be removed. This one involved a resection of part of my colon.

Today is the first day that I feel like I’m not always going to be split down the middle. I do feel like the healing has begun. I’m on my way now which wouldn’t be possible without your prayers. Thanking you is just not enough. I am forever in your debt.

Heres to the first day of my total recovery.

Thanks, Thanks, Thanks

Linda Webster

06/20/18 07:57 AM #2271    


Jennie Anderson (Dylan)

Still praying for your recovery . You are one tough lady Linda!!!

06/20/18 08:14 AM #2272    


Anita (Sweetie) Marbury

Durango Updates !

The sky is blue, the cool mountain air is refreshing and Durango is OPEN for Business.

Please share with me the good news. Governor Hickenloopper, has been outstanding in spreading the word about Durango. The City of Durango is reopening Lake Nighthorse this Friday and the Dog Park. BLM land will reopen as well.

The firefighters are amazing! Yes, the fire is still buring in the deep forest but all people have returned to their homes. The efforts of the boots on the ground have made a difference for all of us. Computer models work. The gentle rain really helped. No flooding happened.

Mesa Verde National Park, Vallecito Lake, Animas Trails, Bar D Wranglers and more all make for a summer season in the mountains.

The Mayor of Durango goes to many meetings.

Thank you for your support. Let's go fishing.


06/29/18 04:50 PM #2273    


Roy Edward George

Sweetie, good to hear the fires around u are not so bad. Living in Boulder since last yr. and really   Enjoying this Colorado weather. Keep up the good work. Roy

07/04/18 10:29 AM #2274    


Anita (Sweetie) Marbury


I hope you are enjoying your new zip code ! I used to know the Mayor of Boulder but elections change the faces.

The Type 1 Commanders  are amazing. The fires are in the forest. I hope a little rain comes our way soon. Life goes on in Durango. Durango was named recently in the Top Ten Cool cities. Lots of tourists on the streets and that makes the Mayor happy. The train plans on running again in late July.


I heard it was 100% rain today in Houston from my sister. Please send the rain to me.





07/31/18 09:15 PM #2275    


Linda Webster

Thanks Joanna

i am almost back to normal!

08/08/18 09:53 PM #2276    


Dorothy Fowler (Montgomery)

Thanks for the birthday wishes. I had a very good day with friends and family.

10/02/18 10:33 AM #2277    


Stephen Ray Puckett

Fall greetings from the mountains of SW Virginia.  Leaves are turning pretty colors (yay!) and fallen leaves are piling up on our lot (boo!) - yes, Fall is definitely here.  The peak around here for leaf color is the latter part of October (it varies from year to year). 

No giant news from our household but we did endure 2 nearby lightning strikes in our area which burned out the internet/phone line (we are on DSL), our modem (twice!), our 2 computers, and a few other electronic gizmos such as our automatic backup generator.  Partly because we live in the boondocks, it took forever to get things replaced - I am still waiting on the insurance (surge protection insurance) to fully come through to replace the computers (we ended up buying a little used laptop to tide us over).   It was the worst lightning season in the memory of old timers here.  Yikes! Yes, we should have unplugged everything (like Grandma used to do) instead of relying on surge protectors.  Now we know!  We have stayed in sporadic touch with folks by borrowing the use of computers at the houses of friends & family.  It is funny how we used to get along just fine without internet access but not now!

We took a trip to Asheville NC for a few days early in September to enjoy the food and cultural atmosphere.  We had a great time.  We had lunch with Pat Bissonet and hubby Stan at Tupelo Honey, a great restaurant. It's a 'A fresh new take on southern cuisine'.

10/05/18 06:49 PM #2278    

Robert (Robby) Wallis

hey Steve, in Asheville did you dine at any of Katie Button's eateries ? that would be Curate, Nightbell and a bagel restaurant...I worked with Katie's dad Ted in the corporate aviation industry, helped Ted , a pilot, and his boss get to and from international destinations worldwide. for over 20 years..Ted's wife once ran a highly successful restaurant in New York city's Tribeca area...Must have been where Katie got the restaurant bug.... hope alls well with you and yours...robby

10/06/18 07:16 PM #2279    


Patricia Bissonnet (Bissonnet)

Hey Robbie--

We have eaten at Curate several times.  Wonderful place!  the waitstaff will help you pair a wine with your small plate/appetizer selection--and both food and wines are excellent.  Atmosphere is upscale "urban"--not what you'd expect here in the Appalachians.  give us a call next time you are here! 

10/16/18 03:31 PM #2280    


Hilda Carol Smith (Godell)

Just saw an article in The Chronicle about Henri Gadbois. He passed away this week at 87. Don't know how many of you had him as an art teacher at Waltrip. I was in his class 2 years and dearly loved him. The second year there were only about 8 or 10 of us and we took excursions in to the museums, etc.

10/16/18 04:19 PM #2281    


Tom Britton

This is so weird! I was just talking to a friend of mine about Mr. Gadbois last week saying how much I enjoyed his art class. In fact, I still have 2 paintings I did in his class. Also talked about how some students would incorectly pronounce his name. He was a good man. 

10/17/18 09:16 AM #2282    


Jennie Anderson (Dylan)

I thoroughly enjoyed Having Mr. Gadbois as my art teacher , being the first real artist I had ever met. I’m sorry to hear of his passing, and extend my sympathies to his wife and son! Meeting him at one of our gatherings will not be forgotten, as he encouraged me to become an artist in my teaching career and in my actual artwork by his enthusiasm with his gift to those of us he taught.

10/31/18 07:54 AM #2283    


Stephen Ray Puckett

Happy Halloween! 🎃 

11/01/18 08:08 AM #2284    


Dorothy Fowler (Montgomery)

That brings back a lot of memories from youth. I hope everyone enjoyed Halloween. It rained so hard here that we did not have a single trick or treater. I’m also in a new subdivision that only has 2 streets built out so far. It should be different next year.

11/01/18 02:24 PM #2285    


Stephen Ray Puckett

A recent update on Kitirik. She's now 86 and still going strong!

11/01/18 02:50 PM #2286    


Tom Britton

Halloween - over 350 kids at our door durning the evening. InCREDible!!

The good news is there is no candy left over to tempt me. :-)

11/02/18 10:20 AM #2287    


Dorothy Fowler (Montgomery)

Enjoy that candy, Tom. I'm trying very hard to stay out of ours.

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