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05/19/19 02:24 PM #2303    


Patricia Bissonnet (Bissonnet)

Many of you will remember G B Fitzgerald.  He was a mid-termer who "moved up" to graduate in 1964.  In the late 70's he bought an old Polish dance hall at the corner of Studewood and White Oak, and turned it into Fizgerald's, a venue for music of that time.  G B died in a motorcycle accident in 1980, but Fitzgerald's lived on, to become one of the longest running most popular music venues in Houston. (His wife gets credit for continuing the business.) They are tearing down Fitzgeralds this week to make way for urban gentrification.  I always think of G B when I pass by that corner, and will still do so.  


05/19/19 03:19 PM #2304    


Stephen Ray Puckett

Yes, I too think of him every time I see mention of Fitzgerald's.  I did not really know him.  His wife Sara said, "I've been here 42 years, and I'm tired. You can't stay up at four o' clock in the morning when you're 70."  The farewell party was New Year's Eve, 2018.   On May 8 they started tearing down the historic venue to create a parking lot. 

Info and photos of the venue:


05/19/19 03:27 PM #2305    


Tom Britton

G.B. was a great guy. I had the pleasure of working with Sara briefly while I was at Merchants Park Bank as she vowed to keep the club alive. Another piece of our history bites the dust. 

08/18/19 04:10 PM #2306    


Janelle Marshall (Walter)

I remember the Halloween of1964.My parents were Republicans when it was not cool. We had Goldwater signs in the yard. Trick or treaters knocked down our signs and broke a wind chime my mother had on our front porch. Not much tolerance then.

08/19/19 01:40 PM #2307    

Bennett Bennett (Bennett)

Great to see your post. I have the fondest memories of your family as members of the Garden Oaks Church of Christ.

David Bennett

08/28/19 08:06 AM #2308    


Stephen Ray Puckett

Scenes from the past



08/29/19 08:20 AM #2309    


Susan Carle (Crowley-Wasson)

Doyles and Barbcue Inn still look the same. Enjoy Doyles now as it is closing the end of the year to make way for affordable housing. 

08/29/19 03:55 PM #2310    


Joanna Hinton (Garrett)

I hate to think that Leo Doyle's kids sold out the pizza shop.  I spent many a week night at the original Doyle's sitting on a stool and folding pizza boxes for Mr. Doyle.  His family and my family were extremely close.  His mother and my grandmother taught grammer school in New York together.  Things change and at my age I have a tendancy too take it harder than when I was young.  I turned 73 years old on 8/17 and I see it more in my mirror every morning.  Love to all.

08/30/19 07:10 AM #2311    


Dorothy Fowler (Montgomery)

Happy Belated Birthday.  We were very lucky to have such wonderful memories of growing up. Things keep changing.

08/30/19 07:10 AM #2312    


Dorothy Fowler (Montgomery)

Happy Belated Birthday.  We were very lucky to have such wonderful memories of growing up. Things keep changing.

08/30/19 07:10 AM #2313    


Dorothy Fowler (Montgomery)

Happy Belated Birthday.  We were very lucky to have such wonderful memories of growing up. Things keep changing.

08/30/19 09:40 AM #2314    


Hilda Carol Smith (Godell)

Garden Oaks theater now a church. Bar-b-que Inn still going strong. Steak place locked up and surrounded by a foreboding chain link fence. Doyle's being sold. No 7-Elevens in existence. So, one out of five hanging in there. Sounds a lot like the aging process we're all living through!!

08/30/19 06:49 PM #2315    


Linda Marmion (Linder)

Stephen, your pictures provide wonderful memories. Growing up in Garden Oaks was the best!  I feel like I’m turning into my father when I tell my grandkids about going to the Garden Oaks Fun Club on Saturday morning for $.25,  I remember the Barbecue Inn before it was brick. It was a dark green color.  Does anyone have a picture of Plantation Oaks?  It disappeared shortly after elementary school. They had the best French fries ever!

08/30/19 09:13 PM #2316    


Tom Britton

BBQ Inn before brick...I remember their juke box and the sawdust floors. They still have some of the best Chicken-Fried Steak and fried shrimp around. Not to mention their yummy pies.

08/31/19 06:35 AM #2317    

Susan (Suzi) Smith (McMillian)

So glad someone else remembers Plantation Oaks (on Shepherd across the street from and just north of St. Matthews UMC).  Just imagining driving into that shell circular driveway between those whitewashed tree trunks  makes my mouth water.  I believe those wonderful French fries were lightly battered (like onion rings), something I have never seen anywhere else.  Yum! 

09/14/19 05:46 PM #2318    


Jennie Anderson (Dylan)

Leah Favela, one of our classmates, who still celebrates with us, class of ‘65, is asking for prayers and thoughts as she faces surgery for lung cancer on 9/23/2019 at St. Luke’s Hospital.  

09/15/19 12:55 PM #2319    


Linda Marmion (Linder)

Thank you for letting us know; my prayers will certainly be with her. Please keep us informed. 

09/15/19 07:46 PM #2320    


Dorothy Fowler (Montgomery)

Praying for Leah’s successful surgery and quit recovery.

09/16/19 08:44 PM #2321    


Roger Felton

St. Luke's is one of the best so Leah, you are in the best hands on earth.  And with all of your classmates who love you and are praying for you now, you are in the best hands in Heaven, too.  Relax and worry not.

09/19/19 07:23 AM #2322    


Stephen Ray Puckett

Pat Bissonet and I recently had fun tracking down the words to the school song of Oak Forest Elementary, written by the school secretary:

We’re from Oak Forest the best school of all.

We’ve got the pep even though we are small.

We love to sing so the whole world can hear,

our song of praise for the school we love so dear.

From kindergarten on up through each grade,

we’re mighty proud of the record we made.

So here’s to Oak Forest where we learn each day,

to be better boys and girls in every way!

-Hattie Belle Pugh


By the way, here is the one for Stevens:

No photo description available.

09/20/19 12:20 PM #2323    


Roger Felton

There were quite a few of us who went to Cooley Elementary.  Named after the Cooley doctor dynasty, I believe.  The limestone monstrosity was built as a prototype for the Alamo before the floorplan got changed.  Couldn't find the school song but, as Stephen always says when you get stumped, "Before you kick the bucket, be sure to ask Puckett", lol.  But, I think I remember some snippets of the song....

"Hail to Cooley, Hail to Cooley, better every day

If we ever get electricy, to class we'll find our way

It's dark and gloomy, damp and always creaky

Toilets don't flush and the roof is always leaky

Our teachers are great, though sometimes an ogre

But we love the days when they show up sober"


That's all I can recall but, hey, that was over 65 years ago!  

09/20/19 09:27 PM #2324    


Joyce Barta (Bayersdorfer)

I went to Cooley and don't remember that song. :)


09/21/19 12:50 PM #2325    


Sandy Spears (Koslosky-Siddall)

I agree with Joyce - and I was in the choir. But then again you guys always remember more than I do. I only enjoyed Cooley for 6th grade.  My brother, Dusty, would have attended for 2 years, so he might remember. My father attended there and they lived across the street, if I remember his stories correctly. Dusty had a teacher that daddy had! 

See you guys on the 17th. :-)


09/22/19 09:37 PM #2326    


Roger Felton

Oooops!   I can see I should have added a comment that that Cooley song was something I made up even though it fit that "old dungeon" of a school.  Ya'll excuse, just me losing my mind.  I tend to do that soon after a Sept.flood, LOL.

It was sad to hear old Cooley burned down.  Lotsa memories there.

10/15/19 02:30 PM #2327    


Anita Marbury (Marbury)

Hey out there!

I'm hoping to see you on Thursday at the  October get together.

I flew down from Colorado  to see you.

Where are the Houston an area kids?

I am so sorry to miss you on this trip. 




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