In Memory

Jeanne Freeman

Jeanne Freeman

In Loving memory of our dear classmate

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01/27/09 07:02 PM #1    

Anita Marbury (Marbury)

Jeanne and I met a Black Jr. High. We were on the Banner together and became good friends. I hope you remember how blue were her eyes and how funny her laugh. I could get lost in her laugh.

We continued to be friends during college days. The last time I saw Jeanne was at one of the reunions. The "girls" got together over at Pat Bissonnett's house. She was marvelous and so bright and so beautiful. I truly miss her and often think of how much the world lost when she died.

Her death caused me to make personal changes in my life for the better.

Sweetie Marbury

07/22/09 02:00 PM #2    

Janelle Marshall (Walter)

I remember Jeanne ran for cheer leader. She made to the finals, those who got to get on the stage and lead a cheer. I remember she said "Vote for a cheer leader you can see on the field." Janelle Walter

09/04/10 09:13 PM #3    

Robert (Robby) Wallis

 Hey Jeanne, Sweetie and I were thinking of you today. We miss you...robby

06/19/15 03:10 PM #4    

Patricia Bissonnet (Bissonnet)

Jeanne was my debate partner and best friend in high school.  She spent many hours at my house, and my mother looked on her as a near daughter. We remained close until her death.  She would spend every Thanksgiving with Tom and I, and later baby Jessica.  I remember her lounging on my couch, a cigarette between her long elegant fingers.  She was an accomplished woman, with a Ph.D.  She taught at a small liberal arts college outside of D.C. When she died in a car accident at age 40, it was my first loss of a friend and confidente.  I miss her still, and wonder how her life would have played out had she been granted more years.

06/20/15 08:26 AM #5    

Dorothy Fowler (Montgomery)

Pat, so sorry you lost a life-long friend. I remember Jeanne as being super snart and being so excited about college schloroships. Her life was taken far too early.

08/19/15 11:16 PM #6    

Sandy Spears (Koslosky-Siddall)

Jeanne and I were friends in elementary school. We walked to school together each day. I remember one day at lunch we had tied a scarf around our ankles so we had to stay/walk together. It was a mess in the lunch line and someone told us untie the scarf. By then the knot was so tight an adult had to help us get it off. We were pretty embarrassed and the lunch ladies were mad that we held up the line. Too funny. I've often wondered what happened to her. I knew she died young but didn't know the circumstances. Thanks for the memories, y'all.

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