Reunion Photos-45

Monnalisa Bar, Hotel Sorella
Friday, September 10, 2010 

 Joyce Barta-Bayersdorfer, Fran Jordan '64, Ted Jordan '64 and Michele Hilsher (wife of Jim Hilsher)

 Don Ervin and Joyce Barta Bayersdorfer

 Blake Bumgardner, Joyce Barta Bayersdorfer, Jim Laminack and Ken Armbrister

 Ingrid Sears-Spiteri and Mike Bell

 Lana Johnson Horne, Mary Senske Schroeder and Lana's husband Carl

 Cindy Hightower-Taylor and her husband Gary

 Jennie Anderson Dylan, Linda Webster and Ingrid Sears Spiteri

 Kirk Thompson and Ernie Hess

 Mike Hess, Jim Laminack and Bernard Ash

 Talley Hudson and Suzie May Cunningham

 Connie Nance-Nobles (Reagan graduate) and Kim Raben Butera

 Stan Shoemaker

 Chip Holiman


 Bubba Hill

 Caol Thamer-Hanson and Kim Raben Butera

 Sue Aiken-St John, Wayne Hollis and Kay Aiken-Reeve

 Cindy Roberts-Bamsch

 Jack Bevil '66 grad

David George and his wife Cherie


 Lana Johnson Horne and Susan Carle-Wasson

 Janis Brinkmeyer and Sandy Pugh McAdams

 Robby Wallis and Sweetie Marbury

 Joanna Hinton Garrett (center) her daughter Heather (left) and a friend of Jennie Anderson's

Back row Joanna Hinton Garrett, Joyce Barta Bayersdorfer, Barbara Curry Hanvey, Kathy Fletcher-Champion, & Cindy Hightower-Taylor 

Susan Carle Wasson, Lou Ann Curtis Looney and The side of Barbara Brault 

 Austin Zent and Suzie May Cunningham

Joyce Barta Bayersdorfer, Pat Bissonet, Betty Carrick-Pasteur and Sweetie Marbury

Left to right Betty Carrick Pasteur, Lou Ann Curtis Looney, Susan Carle Wasson, Talley Hudson, Robby Wallis, Sweetie Marbury, Pat Bissonnet, and part of Carol Thamer Hanson

Sweetie Marbury and Bubba Hill

Magnolia Room, Red Oak Ballroom, Norris Conference Center
Saturday, September 11, 2010

 Susan Carle-Wasson, Jacquie Campbell-Biggs, Sweetie Marbury, Carol Thamer-Hanson

 Linda & Jerry Russell

 Walter Etie, Talley Hudson & Colleen Etie

 Sue Aiken-St John, Mary Lois Barden, Judy Kayla & Joe Tusa

 Les Burton

 Mike Bell, Ingrid Sears-Spiteri, Michele Atzenhoffer-Bax, Wayne Hollis

 Lou Ann Curtis-Looney, Genie Hackenjos-Kistler, Betty McKirahan-Geiser

 Robby Colmenares and Bubba Hill

 Guy Hunter and his wife Judy

 James Jarvis

 Bubba Hill and Johhny Lievsay


Lou Ann Curtis Looney, Kim Raben Butera, Robin Trimble Haney

 Eddie Bayersdorfer(Joyce Barta's husband) and Suzie May Cunningham