Iguana Grill/Austin

November, 2010 

 Standing Judy Carpenter Shelton, Kim Raben Butera, Leroy Gregg, Barbara Ellison McClaid

 Same as above plus Me

 Judy Carpenter, Sharon Froehner-Mueller

 Ken Armbrister and Me (Linda Webster)

 Leroy Gregg and Barbara McClaid

 Judy Carpenter, Sharon Froehner, Kirk's wife Pat, Kirk Thompson, Leroy, Lana Johnson

Candy McCloud, Me, Kim Raben,Kirk Thompson, Lana Johmson-Horne, Sharon Froehner Barbara Ellison and Judy Carpenter9 w/ Burberry scarf)

Me, Lana Johnson, Sharon


Ken Armbrister

 Leroy Gregg and Barbara Ellison McClaid

 Me, Lana Johnson, Sharon Froehner, Kim Raben(seated) Barbara Ellison, and Judy Carpenter Shelton

Seated Me & Kim Raben Leroy Gregg and Barbara Ellison, standing Judy Carpenter and Ken Armbrister 


Candy McCloud Prater, Judy Carpenter-Shelton, Linda Webster and Kim Raben Butera


Tuesday, October 12, 2010

 Kirk Thompson & Ken Armbrister

Kim Raben, Me, Linda Webster Barbara Ellison '64, Bradley Seals '64 


Candy McCloud, Ken Armbrister, in background Sandy Fly Reed & Leroy Gregg '64 

Ken Armbrister, Leroy Gregg '64, Kim Raben and Barbara Ellison-McClaid '64 

Barbara Ellison McClaid & Bradley Seals both from '64 class 

Sharon Froehner Mueller & Ken Armbrister 

Sharon Froehner's ex neighbor and his wife I think the class of '61 

Kirk Thompson & his wife and son 

Ken Armbrister & Leroy Gregg '64