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05/06/22 10:01 AM #2418    


Dorothy Fowler (Montgomery)

RIP Joe Forrester. We Were in school elementary through high school. I remember a play our 4th grade class performed. Joe wrote the entire thing and it was selected to perform for then school, Joe was always an outstanding person. Prayers for all his family and friends.

As I look over the IN Memory page, we have lost so many that were very important in our youth. May all of them RIP.

05/07/22 10:41 AM #2419    

Jerry Russell

Joe was my next door neighbor. We were really good friends growing up, and I envied his intelligence. I last saw him in person at his mother's funeral...talked to him when Ronnie, his brother, died couple of years ago. Though we drifted apart geographically we kept our kindred spirits and our fun times on the debate and speech teams. We were at a tournament at Reagan...Joe was in the car with me when we heard on the radio that Kennedy had been shot. We played cowboys and Indians, basketball, chess, and everything in between. He was incredibly gifted and had a wonderful family. I hope somehow Mike Pipkin, wherever he is, learns of Joe's death.  Thank you for letting us know, and for awakening the stored memories of another time. It was a time of "todays", when "tomorrows" were not so important. 

05/08/22 11:57 AM #2420    


Hilda Carol Smith (Godell)

Joe Eddy was one of the first kids I met coming into Black after moving to Oak Forest. His friendliness was just what I needed as the "new kid". And, he, Jerry and Mike allowed a not so smart girl bask a little in their brain power and curiosity. Smart, nice, thoughtful - quite a combination for a bunch of 13 year boys! It sounds from Jerry's comments that Joe continued to carry those traits throughout his life.

05/08/22 04:16 PM #2421    


Patricia Bissonnet (Bissonnet)

I remember watching Joe debate.   He would walk to the podium, an owlish boy with a mop of black hair, thick glasses, and crystal-clear blue eyes.  When he began to speak, out came the deep throated voice of a much older person, and he would proceed with an analysis of the topic that belied his scant 17 years.  Joe would destroy the arguments of his opponents before returning to his seat exactly 10 minutes later.  I think he took the same pleasure out of winning as a wrestler might take in pinning his opponent.  Joe loved foreign films, especially Fellini movies.  I could never quite understand those films, and now I wonder if he and his friends actually understood them, or only liked the idea of them. I remember Joe’s sharp wit, and I can hear his unique laugh, often at his own joke. 

I lost track of Joe after graduation, and ran into him only once, years later, at a high school reunion (25th?).  He was a man “grown handsome by success.” His hair had been tamed by a good stylist the owlish glasses were gone, and the clear blue eyes were direct and confident.  He spoke enthusiastically of Susan and his kids. His was a life well lived, and I am sad that he is gone.  

07/13/22 01:42 PM #2422    


Stephen Ray Puckett

I hope everybody this summer is staying cool and dry...but not too dry.

For fun, here is a 1955 Sanborn fire map of the Oak Forest shopping center.  Yep, I spent time there.

07/13/22 01:45 PM #2423    


Stephen Ray Puckett

1955 Garden Oaks shopping center.  Mom loved the convenience of this and Sears and other nearby shopping centers. I liked the Playhouse Toy Store!!

The Garden Oaks Shopping Center was just south of Sears, just south of Garden Oaks Boulevard, and just north of the strip with the Garden Oaks theater, etc.


Penney's is the store on the north end.

The area today. Aldi's is about where Danburg's used to be. I wonder what 'psychic love solutions' are? They didn't have places named that in my day!

Today's sign, looking south:

08/05/22 04:51 PM #2424    


Dorothy Fowler (Montgomery)

Mike Bell, thank you for the birthday wishes. Happy I've made it to 75.

08/05/22 04:53 PM #2425    


Dorothy Fowler (Montgomery)

Mike Bell, thank you for the birthday wishes. I've made it to 75.

08/19/22 07:57 AM #2426    


Robert (Ben) Carbo

Met a few Waltrip Class of 65 friends for lunch at the original El Finex in the West End Dallas.

08/19/22 05:06 PM #2427    


Jeanne Spencer (Adams)

Photo from El Fenix: 

08/20/22 06:02 AM #2428    


Joanna Hinton (Garrett)

I only wished I could have made it.  Seems like they all had a good time.  It was my birthday and since I cannot

walk, I took up placement on my couch with remote control, crochet needle and my wonderful husband doing

his best catering to me.  Love to all.


08/20/22 07:28 AM #2429    


Stephen Ray Puckett

Joanna - Sorry about your health issues.  Hope that you can soon be better able to safely get around.


1955 North Shepherd shopping center.  LA Fitness is there now.

Area map today shown below. The center was just north of St Matthews Methodist Church (4300 N Shepherd). Sears was at about 4100, south of the CVS. Apparently this map does not show the now-defunct Sears.

10/19/22 08:26 AM #2430    


Anita Marbury (Marbury)

Dear Waltrip friends, 

I'm sorry to miss the October get toghther. I hope to see you in the spring. 

I hope all of you are well an enjoying the fall. 

Colors in Colorado have been magnificent  due to the rain. 

Cool weather for Halloween brings it's own fun times. 

Take care of yourself an each other. 

I wear my Waltrip sweatshirt in Durango.


Sweetie  Marbury 


01/02/23 05:31 PM #2431    


Stephen Ray Puckett

Wishing you the very best for the new year!

May it be wonderful!

We’re doing fine here, still hunkering down.

Did you party on New Year's Eve?  We didn't. I had to get up early because I was substitute minister at 2 churches due to COVID.  That darn virus is affecting folks all around me, even here in the boondocks.

04/06/23 07:38 AM #2432    


Stephen Ray Puckett

Happy Easter!  Happy Spring!

Here in the mountains the dogwoods, daffodils, forsythia, and crocuses are blooming and the trees & plants are beginning to show little leaves.  A little lower down and we see flowering fruit trees, redbuds, and tulips blooming.  The temperature range is 40s - 70s.  I wish it would stay like that forever!

08/02/23 08:00 AM #2433    


Stephen Ray Puckett

Today is the birthday of Bernard Brady.  We've been friends from our days at Oak Forest Elementary and we were in Cub Scouts together. I recently heard from his wife Susan that he is no longer online, has been having dementia problems, and is in a memory unit.   Prayers and good wishes sent to him and his family.

08/03/23 10:31 AM #2434    

Larry Cooper

Thanks Steve for sharing about Bernard    I was also in the same cub scout  den  and only have the greatest memories of those days.  Bernard was and is one of the nicest people  I have ever known !

08/03/23 05:16 PM #2435    


Linda Marmion (Linder)

This getting old stuff is not a golden age for everyone. I hated learning that Bernard is having problems. He was such a cute guy in high school, and he became a really nice, bright, and handsome man.  My prayers are with him. 

08/04/23 06:10 PM #2436    


Ann Robin Trimble (Haney)

Praying that our Lord wraps his loving arms around Bernard. I remember him well as being very sweet and liked by classmates. I hope his journey is filled with loving, caring people surrounding him.

09/13/23 09:44 AM #2437    


Linda Marmion (Linder)

  It's sad to learn that we've lost another friend and classmate. Orville Neeley was such a nice guy. He seemed to know everyone, and he'll be missed.

   Friends, getting together with one another is so important. Our high school days were wonderful and although we've gone many different ways it's great to stay in touch. Our Ram Jams are a great way visit with long time friends. The next one is coming up. It doesn't cost anything and is very casual. Check the website for information. We hope to see you there!

10/03/23 08:49 PM #2438    

Jerry Russell

Just now got this message:!/Obituary

RIP James. You were a shining star in our class  May God hold his family in His Loving Arms  


10/17/23 08:06 PM #2439    


Stephen Ray Puckett

We stopped by Flat Rock NC (Asheville area) for a nice visit with Pat Bissonnet and her husband Stan.  Very nice and lots of fun. Our own mini Ram Jam...or something like that.  

Aren't we cute?  My wife Lil, me, Pat, Stan.

We drove back home on the Blue Ridge Parkway to enjoy the fantastic Fall leaf color. Snow had already blocked the Parkway near Mt Mitchell!  It was a wonderful trip for us.

Happy Fall!


01/01/24 04:32 PM #2440    


Stephen Ray Puckett

03/31/24 08:44 PM #2441    


Stephen Ray Puckett

Happy Easter everybody!  Enjoy your Spring!

06/01/24 02:06 PM #2442    


Stephen Ray Puckett

Happy Summer!  I know it isn't officially Summer yet but it sure feels like it.  Ready for Summer fun?

Memories of fun at the beach:

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