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09/13/20 10:26 PM #2365    


Jeanne Spencer (Adams)

Yesterday we gathered to celebrate the life of Kay Carbo.  There were many people there, including a few from Waltrip Class of 65.  She had a very special family and Ben put together a beautiful service.  God bless you all!   Pictured left to right are Benny Carbo, Bill Polk, Jeanne Spencer Adams, Carol Faulkenberry Harris, Pat Williford Mannix, and Mike Bell.  Present but not pictured was also Jim Cunningham.  

09/13/20 10:31 PM #2366    


Jeanne Spencer (Adams)

In addition to the group above, this picture includes our spouses that attended with us.  Thank you again, Benny and family for a wonderful afternoon!  

Pictured left to rigfht are Benny Carbo, Bill Polk, Becky Polk, Johnny Adams, Jeanne Spencer Adams, Carol Faulkenberry Harris, Pat Williford Mannix, Mike Mannix, and Mike Bell.  

09/14/20 12:45 PM #2367    


Robert (Ben) Carbo

If you are a member of a graduating class of Waltrip from 1964 - 1966 and live in or within driving distance of  the Dallas/Fort Worth area and would like to attend North Texas get togethers of the Waltrip alumni contact me @ 817-709-3389.

11/27/20 06:16 PM #2368    

Jerry Russell

Just got word that James Cunningham (Jimmy), died this afternoon. He struggled for so many years so praying that he is at peace and Beth and family are sustained by wonderful memories. 

11/27/20 09:21 PM #2369    


Robert (Ben) Carbo

My dear longtime friend, Jim Cunningham, passed away peacefully in his sleep last night at home after spending Thanksgiving with his family which he adored. Jim had suffered from heart disease for over twenty years and it has been by God's grace that he survived long enough to see his family grow up to be his pride and joy.
Beth will have a celebration of his life,the date yet to be determined. Please join me in prayer for Beth and the family

12/13/20 12:25 PM #2370    


Robert (Ben) Carbo

This has been a challenging year for all of us, especially those who have lost loved ones. But be of good cheer, we still have much to celebrate: the birth of our Saviour, love of family and friends and God's promise to heal our land if we call upon His name for deliverance. So put up your tree, wrap presents for you loved ones and hang the stockings with care. Then await the miracle of Christmas. Oh, and don't miss the Christmas Star appearing in the lower west horizon after dark on December 21st.

12/22/20 08:40 AM #2371    


Robert (Ben) Carbo

"It came upon a midnight clear, that glorious time of old. Peace, goodwill toward man." With daughter's family watching the Christmas Star last night.

12/22/20 10:27 AM #2372    


Jacquie Campbell (Biggs)

We could see it from about 6-7 but then it got cloudy. 

01/01/21 09:46 PM #2373    


Stephen Ray Puckett

May your coming year be all the best!

01/02/21 12:51 PM #2374    


Stephen Ray Puckett

01/02/21 02:51 PM #2375    


Joyce Barta (Bayersdorfer)

Wow, this takes me back a few years....55 to be exact!  I still have my program too.

Joyce Barta Bayersdorfer

01/03/21 09:37 AM #2376    


Linda Marmion (Linder)

Yes, mine is in the attic somewhere with other treasures!  

01/04/21 04:30 PM #2377    


Roger Felton

I still have my program, too. But that's about all.  I have my Dad's college program from when he received his first degree at Cape Girardeau, MO.  It appears he possibly graduated with some relatives of Rush Limbaugh.  

I lost my high school ring and my letters in bowling and the rifle team when I gave them to my prom date.  She promised to "give me something she had never given to any other boy".  Gave me her very first time kiss and then the flu.  Never saw her or my stuff again.  I'm still evaluating the trade...

01/04/21 04:48 PM #2378    


Robert (Ben) Carbo

I don't know how much of this stuff you post is true, but it is pretty funny nonetheless. If you are telling the truth, well, bless your heart. I lost my senior ring and wedding ring in Vietnam. Actually I didn't lose them they were stolen by the very people we were sent there to help.

01/04/21 05:48 PM #2379    


Roger Felton

Well, Bennie, at my age I'm not sure how much is true or not, LOL.  Actually, that story was true.  Still feel bad I can't remember that gal's name, daggnabbitt, or I'd go look her up and get my stuff back.

Ben, I am so sorry to hear about your precious Kay.  She had to have been a terrific woman from what I learned about her on the forum.  Tommy Wade lost his lovely wife, Betty, this December, also.  


01/10/21 11:18 AM #2380    


Robert (Ben) Carbo

Thanks Roger. I have been keeping up with Tommy on facebook and ocaasionally offer encouragement to him. Life is very different when you lose your life partner, but I am learning how day by day with the help of family and friends. Keep up the posts on class website. They make my day.

01/23/21 08:36 AM #2381    


Stephen Ray Puckett

Thankfully we all survived Inauguration Day and the country seems to be at peace.  Wonderful, especially after recent turmoils that brought back to me tense memories of the 1960s and early 1970s. 

For fun, here's a photo of someone being cool at Waltrip.

01/23/21 08:10 PM #2382    


Linda Marmion (Linder)

Someone is very creative!

01/24/21 05:41 PM #2383    


Genie Hackenjos (Kistler)


01/27/21 08:54 PM #2384    


Roger Felton

What?  Who moved the flagpole?  And where the heck is that cool Ram mosaic that I chipped in my lunch money to give to Waltrip when my sentence was commuted back in '65?  Why was I not informed and do I get a refund?

01/28/21 12:00 PM #2385    

Richard Beil (Beil)

The mosaic is still on the campus.  It's kept in a storeroom with many of the very important, historical documents, photos, and other artifacts from Waltrip's early years.  It was removed to preserve it from vandals.  When we were there for our 50th reunion in 2017, Cathy and I visited the campus and were taken and shown where it all is stored.

01/28/21 10:26 PM #2386    

Lindy Clarke (Hall)

THANK YOU, Stephen for the Bernie meme!!
Made my day!!

01/31/21 09:49 AM #2387    


Linda Marmion (Linder)

I was glad to hear about the storage room, and that the mosaic that was the gift of the class of 1965 is there.  I was told that it was taken down before the recent construction, because it wasn't in good shape after nearly fifty years of sun and rain. Who knows, it might be repaired and show up again some day. 

01/31/21 11:25 PM #2388    


Roger Felton

Well, by golly, I can sure relate to that old mosaic needing a little TLC.  I've kinda got to where some of my parts are getting a little crusty.  What doesn't hurt doesn't work if ya know what I mean.  I'm still pretty strong but nobody notices as long as I keep my arms down.  My wife had read about what they did with the mosaic and had me put in storage.  She let's me out for an hour or so every third Sunday.  Life is good.


03/15/21 10:02 AM #2389    

Mike Johnson

Sad to hear about Tam Siedow's passing.  We grew up across the street from each other in Oak Forest.  Very impressed with his accomplishments, but sad to hear of his passing last November.

Mike Johnson

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