Sherra Jennings Kahanek

Profile Updated: February 15, 2018
Residing In: Houston, TX USA
Spouse/Partner: Louis
Occupation: Bookkeeper - retired as much as hubby will let me
Children: Son Steven Earl Hopkins, age 45, web site design (owns his own company), married to Andrea, a school More…teacher (who received Teacher of the Year from her school this year), & has 6 year old daughter Annabelle; lives in San Antonio. Stepson Louis Kahanek (retired), married to Ramona, 10 year old twins, Natalie & Nicolas; lives in Magnolia, TX. Stepson, Steven Kahanek, (Printer - works with us), married to Rosy, children Angela, and Matthew; grandchild Jordyn Rose Kahanek; lives in Houston. Stepdaughter Sheila Kahanek, son Sebastien, age 9; Wife Rebecca and son Soren, age 3; lives in the Heights, Houston.

Never moved from Houston - never found a reason to. Married to Clarence Hopkins in 1969, divorced in 1972. Happily married to Louis for 43 years. We own a printing company that has been in the family since before I was born and will go on to the next generation (Steve). I'm very proud of my son and all of my step children, grandkids, and great granddaughter. They all have had wonderful careers with a little notariety thrown in for good measure (remember Enron?). I've always worked as a bookkeeper and will till my husband decides I can retire or drop dead! He believes in keeping me busy so my mind won't go stale.

School Story:

My brother was better know than I was. He played the piano for the school choir (and band?) all through Junior High and High School and was the teacher's favorite. He's the only reason we didn't get into trouble for coming back to school late from a performance at Black Jr. High. He was vising with the band & choir directors too long! His name was Bryan Jennings and he died in January of 1996.

I remember having a station wagon that we would all pile into (sometimes 14-16 people!) like sardines and then go to someone's house for a party. I got my first taste of liquor (gin) at his HS graduation party - can't remember which kid's father gave it to me. We got into trouble one night for staying out all night and watching the sun come up on the campus of Houston Baptist University after having gone down to Galveston to ride the ferry. He was in charge & didn't call our parents to tell them where we were. We had some really good school parties. I mostly partied with the class of '63 and '64.

I was quite active in Rainbow Girls and that took up most of my free time during High School. I couldn't do school activities & that. Linda Marmion and Linda Caswell were two of my Rainbow little sisters.

My favorite classes were Civics and Economics. I remember writing a paper comparing religions. After writing that paper and all these years later, I still believe there is no one right religion. I also wish I had the money then to invest in the Coca Cola stock I was following in class. Boy would I be rich now! We had a mock election that year and I was the first generation in my family to vote republican. They were not amused. Mrs. Borden was my favorite teacher and the book I remember best from her class is "Lord of the Rings".

I was in the gym the day Kennedy was shot and coming out of church when Lee Harvey Oswald got it on live TV. I guess no one can forget where they were on those two days.

I still vote Republican. Please find me somebody good for the next 4 years.

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While overall life has been good, 2017 really kicked my butt & is continuing to do so. We lost our full-term grandaughter, Savannah Hopkins, in March to stillbirth. She left us having never lost her innocence or drawn a breath. Perfect in every way, we still mourn her loss. I've had a lot of illnesses & been in the hospital 3 times, and the flu followed by pneumonia twice, cellulitis, sepsis & dehydration along with some other things in the last 3 months that nearly punched my ticket. It will be months of recouperation, phys therapy, and exercise to get back to normal. I'm hoping that the rest of 2018 will be kinder.

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Happy Birthday Margie! Hope you're enjoying life out in the country. Do you ever hear from Billie Jean?

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