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10/28/21 10:04 PM #2396    


Roger Felton

Hey, Bennie.  Although I've had a lifelong fascination with Texas history, I never found that I had any ancestorial ties to it.  This might not count but here's a story of something I'm kinda proud of.

Back in 1968, I joined a small group of Texas history buffs in Houston who made their own period clothing from the early 1800's and would shoot flintlock muzzleloading rifles on the weekends.  The leader of the group was a fascinating gentleman named Carroll Lewis (Follow this link to learn about this amazing guy:) 

 General Carroll “Curly” Lewis, Jr. — The Texas Army - The State of Texas Official 1836 Ceremonial and Reenactment Group

I still have my buckskin shirt, powderhorn, Bowie knife and flintlock rifle from back then.  In 1969, Mr. Lewis convinced governor Preston Smith to reactivate the Texas Army (disbanded since 1845) and I was one of the original 13 founding members.  I still have my commission as a Colonel in the Texas Army all framed and hanging on my wall.  The Texas Army appears at historical commerative functions at the La Bahia mission in Goliad, the Alamo and at the battlegrounds in San Jacinto.

10/29/21 07:30 AM #2397    


Stephen Ray Puckett

Very interesting, Roger!  I had a roommate that was in the Texas Navy but with nowhere the interesting story that you have.  Speaking of Texas history, I can provide this hopefully-interesting tidbit about a cousin, Thomas Puckett, known as Old Tom the Bear Man, who lived in the Austin area.

Tom's son was Lorenzo Dow Puckett. Lorenzo engaged in the cattle business as a young man and acquired a large ranch in Karnes County, Texas. During the Civil War, Lorenzo was detailed for frontier service to look after the war troops and also to secure beef for the Confederate Army. He drove large herds of cattle to eastern and southern states, and was paid in Confederate money. After the war, his money was worthless and thousands of dollars were thus lost.  

There used to be many Pucketts from this branch in the Austin area but, as far as I know, the only that remain are in the Puckett Cemetery there.

10/29/21 02:10 PM #2398    


Roger Felton

Thanks so much for that, Stephen.  I love hearing old stories like that and retelling them to younger generations.  It helps keep them, and guys like Tom, alive in the minds of those who appreciate history.  When I moved to historic Victoria, TX in the early 70's and married my wife, Beverly, we had a new home built by a builder named Jim Puckett.  He was one of the finest people I ever knew.


10/29/21 05:01 PM #2399    


Stephen Ray Puckett

Dunno a Jim Puckett.  I asume that I am somehow related to any Puckett - we first came over with the Jamestown colony of Virginia.  The first was a headwright (sort of an immigration facilitator).  Speaking of Texas history, I have a close friend who is the descendant of 2 survivors of the famous Santa Ana storming of the Alamo - a woman and her daughter by the name of Roche/Rocha. They were members of one of the original isleños (islanders) families, hidalgos brought from the Canary Islands to first settle San Antonio in 1731.  This family spoke French at home and Spanish & English in public even up to recent days. I've been helping her with her genealogy research - we've been delving into all kinds of early Texas history. My mother is an isleños descendent as well, of the Menorcans of northeast Florida.

11/04/21 10:29 AM #2400    


Stephen Ray Puckett

Shelley Duvall was class of 1967.  Here is an article from today about a recent interview with her.

Senior photo in 1967:

Hello, I'm Shelley Duvall:

11/04/21 03:13 PM #2401    


Joanna Hinton (Garrett)

Stephen, 1967 was my brother's class and he dated Shelley once in a while .  My brother is now deceased

and I know not from how.  Thanks for the information.  Joanna Garrett

12/17/21 03:11 PM #2402    


Jeanne Spencer (Adams)

Dear Friends, 

We lost a very dear friend on December 10.  Sue Aiken St. John passed away.  The following statement is posted on her Facebook page:

Sue’s memorial service will be on Saturday, Dec 18 at 3:30pm at First Presbyterian Church Dallas. ALL are welcome, MASKS are required. Please come either before or after the service to share your memories.
Tomorrow we will post a link to livestream the service for those unable to attend.
Janice Sue Aiken St. John was born February 4, 1947 in Ft. Worth TX and passed away December 10, 2021. As a preacher's daughter, she called many places home. From Ft. Worth to Denton for grade school, to Farmington, NM for middle school, a brief stint in New Orleans before high school in Houston. The most consistent place for her was the Aiken family cabin in Taos, New Mexico. The cabin is a summer “home” she would later share with others in her life. It was 1967 at Texas Tech where she met the love of her life, Edward St. John, with whom she shared real homes in Ft. Worth and Dallas, for the next 46 years. She worked in the non-profit industry until she moved to her real passion of English education in the community college district. Her love was to help students prepare for more advanced collegiate ambitions. As a couple, she and Edward spent many years volunteering with NDSM, MS Society, The Bridge and The Stewpot. In the global community, she volunteered as a Be the Match courrier and on mission trips to Guatemala. Grounded in deep faith, she spent her extra time in service to her church, First Presbyterian Church of Dallas, as a Sunday School leader, an elder, and the president of Presbyterian Women. She was known as the Soup Angel for feeding friends, neighbors and pastors. Her soup was famous for its taste but even more for the love that came with it. She is survived by daughters Jennifer, husband Oscar Saenz, and Beth, husband Nick Daines, mother-in-law Lillian St. John, sister Kay Reeve, brother-in-law Dan Page and many nieces and nephews. She was (and will always be) beloved Mimi to Connor, Ethan and Emma Saenz, Luke, Matthew and Lillian Daines. And, of course, her beloved dogs Winston and Sasha. Her memorial service will be on Saturday, Dec 18 at 3:30pm at FPC Dallas. ALL are welcome, MASKS are required. Preferred flowers are poinsettias for the Advent season. Donations can be made to The Stewpot, Friends of Fort Liberté Haiti, and VCFS Texas.
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You, Jan Barnes Nimtz and 68 others

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12/26/21 11:06 AM #2403    


Stephen Ray Puckett

May your Christmas season be wonderful!

01/06/22 07:31 AM #2404    


Stephen Ray Puckett

Wishing you 12 months of success, 52 weeks of laughter, 365 days of fun, 8,760 hours of joy, 525,600 minutes of good luck, and 31,536,000 seconds of happiness.

Here’s to a bright New Year and a fond farewell to the old; here’s to the things that are yet to come, and to the memories that we hold.

“Be always at war with your vices, at peace with your neighbors, and let each new year find you a better man.” -Benjamin Franklin

We had our first coronavirus scare last week when we were exposed by neighbors who themselves had been exposed at a family Christmas gathering.  We had no known symptoms but I decided to cancel preaching at 2 churches, to be safe. We got out of quarantine after 10 days, not too onerous since we're old hands at hunkerin down by now. .  By the symptoms of the neighbors & their family, it was the fast-spreading Omicron version.  Be safe out there this year!

01/08/22 11:30 AM #2405    


Austin Duane Zent

A number of years ago, I read a poem written is sandscript a thousand years or so ago. The poem was called "Salutation to the Dawn" and basiclly said the most important time of our lives is always this moment and it we appreciate and takecare of the moment our future will be full of hope and our passed memoreys will be blessed and the biggest gift you can give others is your time. I hope all will have a woderful 2022 and appreciate each and ever moment. 

04/09/22 07:02 AM #2406    


Stephen Ray Puckett

Now much too new out our way.  Our son just left after a week's visit - Lil cried when he arrived and cried when he left. The little green leaves are coming out in all the plants and the early flowers have been blooming for the last few weeks.  Yay, Spring!   We are not yet comfortable enough to do much travelling but hope to do so soon.

Happy Spring, everyone!

04/28/22 08:57 AM #2407    


Linda Marmion (Linder)

Many of our members were friends with Peggy Schroeder, who was in the WHS Class of '66. Sadly Peggy passed away on April 12 after a long illness. Peggy was happily married to Steve Nelson for 50 years. They had a wonderful marriage and lived in numerous cities across the US due to Steve's job. They retired to Brenham where they made many wonderful friends. 

04/28/22 12:44 PM #2408    


Talley Hudson

So very sorry to hear that. She was such a dear.

04/28/22 03:35 PM #2409    


Joyce Barta (Bayersdorfer)

So saddened to learn of Peggy Schroleder's (Nelson) death.  She was a lovely, sweet person.

04/29/22 04:29 PM #2410    


Thomas William Wade

Roger Felton's wife has notified me that Roger passed away this wednesday 4/27/22 in the hospital. He had been suffering for some years prior and worsened after a heart attack late last year. He became acute last Friday and was transported to the facility , into ICU ,and placed on a ventilator. He didn't improve by Wednesday and the decision was made to remove the ventilator. I have not been informed of any arrangements or services. Please keep his wife Beverly in your prayers, she is quite distraught.

04/29/22 04:44 PM #2411    


William Jewel Howard, Jr.

Hello y'all. I have a question. Now that COVID is mostly over, when are we going to resume our live Oak Forest get togethers?

04/30/22 07:38 AM #2412    


Dorothy Fowler (Montgomery)

Roger death saddens me. I will always remember his wit and humor. The last time we talked, he told me he was sick with an incurable lung condition. He knew his time was short. He was in good humor with acceptance. Prayers for his wife and family.

04/30/22 09:24 AM #2413    


Joanna Hinton (Garrett)

I am so sadden by our loss of Roger Felton.  He was a wonderful person, loved to make people laugh and seemed to love everyone.  I thank Linda in keeping us updated on arrangements.

04/30/22 09:46 AM #2414    


Sandy Spears (Koslosky-Siddall)

Tommy, thank you for posting about Roger. His family lived just a few houses from us and I remember fun times with Roger and his family. 

04/30/22 11:15 AM #2415    


Stephen Ray Puckett

RIP Roger.  I will miss his wit & wisdom.

Roger Allen Felton

March 26, 1947April 27, 2022
Obituary of Roger Allen Felton


Rosewood Funeral Chapel

Roger Allen Felton passed away peacefully on Wednesday, April 27 at the age of 75 with his loved ones by his side.

He was born on March 26, 1947 in Holland, Michigan to the late Al and June Felton.

Roger worked many years in radio all over Texas but his time at KWBY in Edna, Texas brought him his fairytale meeting with the love of his life, Beverly.

Roger never met a stranger. Anyone that ever knew him quickly knew his wit and humor and undoubtedly heard a joke or two or 10. He had the biggest heart and liked nothing more than to make people laugh.

He is survived by his devoted wife of 46 years, Beverly, loving son Charlie Vogt, precious granddaughter Everleigh Vogt, caring brother-in-law and sister-in-law George and Debra Vogt and Godson Ethan Vogt. Also sisters Misty Martin and Cheri Armstrong, many cousins-in-laws that he thought of and loved as his own and numerous nieces and nephews.

Roger fought hard battles with several illnesses for most of his life. He was always courageous and strong and determined to live a normal life. Sadly he lost his battle with Pulmonary Fibrosis but is now free from the pain forever.

Memorial donations may be made to the Pulmonary Fibrosis Foundation. Or just hug someone you love and maybe tell them a joke in Roger’s memory.

Rest in Peace my dear sweet husband. I will love you and miss you forever until we are together again. Every time I hear Keeper of the Stars I will think of you and smile.

A Celebration of Life will be held at a later date.


05/04/22 07:49 AM #2416    


Stephen Ray Puckett

  RIP Joe Eddy    Sad

FORRESTER--Joe Edward, passed away on March 31, 2022, in Burlington, VT. He was born in Houston, TX on May 2, 1947. After graduating from the University of Virginia Law School, he had a long career as an attorney and investment banker in New York City. He is survived by his wife, Susan Forrester, his children Thomas Forrester and Carolyn Forrester Moore, son-in-law Thomas Moore and grandchildren Mabel, Ellis and Odette Moore.

05/05/22 01:28 PM #2417    


Joanna Hinton (Garrett)

I am very shocked at the loss of Joe.  May he rest in peace.

05/06/22 10:01 AM #2418    


Dorothy Fowler (Montgomery)

RIP Joe Forrester. We Were in school elementary through high school. I remember a play our 4th grade class performed. Joe wrote the entire thing and it was selected to perform for then school, Joe was always an outstanding person. Prayers for all his family and friends.

As I look over the IN Memory page, we have lost so many that were very important in our youth. May all of them RIP.

05/07/22 10:41 AM #2419    

Jerry Russell

Joe was my next door neighbor. We were really good friends growing up, and I envied his intelligence. I last saw him in person at his mother's funeral...talked to him when Ronnie, his brother, died couple of years ago. Though we drifted apart geographically we kept our kindred spirits and our fun times on the debate and speech teams. We were at a tournament at Reagan...Joe was in the car with me when we heard on the radio that Kennedy had been shot. We played cowboys and Indians, basketball, chess, and everything in between. He was incredibly gifted and had a wonderful family. I hope somehow Mike Pipkin, wherever he is, learns of Joe's death.  Thank you for letting us know, and for awakening the stored memories of another time. It was a time of "todays", when "tomorrows" were not so important. 

05/08/22 11:57 AM #2420    


Hilda Carol Smith (Godell)

Joe Eddy was one of the first kids I met coming into Black after moving to Oak Forest. His friendliness was just what I needed as the "new kid". And, he, Jerry and Mike allowed a not so smart girl bask a little in their brain power and curiosity. Smart, nice, thoughtful - quite a combination for a bunch of 13 year boys! It sounds from Jerry's comments that Joe continued to carry those traits throughout his life.

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